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SmartBid™ Version 5.0 Release

SmartZoft is pleased to announce the release of SmartBid™ Version 5.0. Enhancements in the Version 5.0 release include a comprehensive update of the econometric analysis which significantly improves the prediction capabilities of bidding activity and winning bids.  SmartBid now has an enhanced capability to incorporate subsurface geologic features into the bid analysis process.  MROV reporting and analysis has been upgraded to include “rejected bid blocks” in bid analysis.  Version 5.0 provides additional improvements related to automatic data updates at user-selected intervals, more detailed analysis of overbids, and improved features for managing and analyzing bid data.  Please email for more information on this release as well as a summary of the superior model performance for our users.

SmartBid Application to the Mexican Offshore Bid Rounds

SmartZoft is pleased to announce that client companies can utilize SmartBid for extensive bid analysis and decision support for the upcoming Mexican bid rounds beginning in the summer of 2015.  Utilizing state-of-the-art expertise, SmartZoft has identified analog trends in the Northern Gulf of Mexico (U.S. waters) to those in Mexican waters such that clients can gain a better understanding of the expected bidding behaviors in the Mexican waters.  Through the SmartBid application clients can conduct detailed analysis of bidding data by trend and/or geologic play type and then extrapolate those results to the potential bidding activity in Mexican waters.  This approach provides a unique perspective on competitive bidding behaviors that can be expected in the upcoming bid rounds in Mexican waters – and further support the bid decisions made by client companies. For more information about this proprietary approach to bid support, please contact us at

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