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About SmartZoft

We are a consulting and software development company supporting oil and gas company decision analysis needs worldwide. Based in Denver, Colorado, USA, we provide our clients with the ability to improve their decision quality and create value for the firm.

SmartZoft was started to help commercialize technology created by Michael R. Walls & Company that was founded in 1989 in Austin, Texas. The SmartZoft bidding technology provides users an innovative and proven approach to improving bid decisions, reducing costs, and increasing the likelihood of winning blocks of interest.

We have a strong commitment to integrity and in helping meet our clients’ needs with tangible value in return for the investment they make in our products and services. We emphasize the importance of rigor in our valuation and decision processes and transfer that same culture of analysis to our clients. And with a dedication to continued learning, we work to integrate any new findings into our clients’ immediate needs and objectives.


Michael R. Walls, PhD, is founder and president of SmartZoft Decision Tools, LLC. Over the last 30 years Dr. Walls has brought oil and industry professionals a combination of financial and business consulting expertise, industry knowledge and decision analytical tools that have proven exceedingly effective in developing strategies, allocating resources and managing risk. He has advised extensively in the areas of risk analysis and strategic planning to petroleum companies, including majors, independents, multinational and national oil companies.

Recognized as an industry authority on the application of risk and investment theory, Dr. Walls is the author of numerous articles on the topics of decision and risk analysis, finance and business strategy. He holds a BS degree in geology from Western Kentucky University, an MBA in finance and a PhD in management from the University of Texas at Austin. He also holds the position of Professor of Mineral and Energy Economics in the Division of Economics & Business at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.